Welcome to Phoenix Yoga Studio!
Our Philosophy: Phoenix Yoga Studio is the antidote to the gym!  We believe that everybody can gain benefits from yoga, regardless of age, shape, fitness level or size, and all in a fun and relaxed atmosphere.  Our classes are run in a safe, supportive environment, with teachers who are passionate about yoga.  We offer classes and workshops for everyone, so if you just want to relax and chill out or work up a sweat, there's a class for you!

From Here to Maternity: We also offer a full range of classes and services for mums and parents to be. Pregnancy yoga, private antenatal classes/yoga for birth workshops, Mother & Baby yoga, Infant Massage, antenatal hypnotherapy and antenatal reflexology are all provided by caring and experienced professionals.

Also available at Phoenix Yoga Studio:
Nine Months Antenatal Class & Yoga For Birth Workshop
1-Day Antenatal Classes for Mums-to-be and Their Partners

Next course: Saturday 19th April 2014

Nine Months courses have been designed to enable couples to feel they can approach birth with knowledge and confidence.  Combining knowledge of the labour and birthing process with the benefits of yoga, this workshop covers many topics, including:

Understanding the process of labour
Breathing and relaxation techniques
Use of movement and gravity assisted positions
Transition to parenthood

Led by registered midwife Elizabeth McGovern and Birthlight yoga teacher Laura Feeney
For more information, see www.ninemonthsantenatal.com or contact Elizabeth on 087 412 1821 or Laura on info@ninemonthsantenatal.com
Yoga Therapy 
Individually designed yoga therapy programmes for low back pain, sports injury, scoliosis, sciatica, sacroiliac joint dysfunction, stress management, fibromyalgia, osteoporosis, chronic fatigue syndrome, MS, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome & more.  Contact Laura on 086 815 9953 or see the Yoga Therapy page for more details.
CACI Ultra Non Surgical Face Lift
Found in the world's leading clinics, salons and spas - and available exclusively at Phoenix Yoga, CACI (Computer Aided Cosmetology Instrument) is a medically and scientifically proven treatment, acclaimed by the international media as probably the most exciting beauty development of the last decadeCall Jill for your free consultation on 086 826 5570.
Antenatal Hypnotherapy, Hypnoanalysis, Clinical Hypnotherapy
Experience the benefits of hypnosis for: pregnancy and birth; managing your weight; overcoming eating disorders; becoming smoke free; achieving your full potential and much more. Each client receives individual, client-centered and client-tailored treatment. FREE INTRODUCTORY CONSULTATION with NO OBLIGATION BY APPOINTMENT ONLY.
For more info on available therapies, please visit www.analyticalhypnotherapy.com. To book an appointment, please contact Marta on 085 782 5536 or info@analyticalhypnotherapy.com

NEW!  Neuromuscular Therapy
Effective treatment for injury & chronic pain,   Neuromuscular Therapy (NMT) is a manual therapy for assessing, treating and preventing soft tissue injuries and chronic pain.  NMT uses a series of treatment protocols including soft tissue release, muscle energy techniques and the identification and treatment of trigger points.
For more information call Joanna Keegan on 086 4455134 or e-mail joannakd75@gmail.com

Upcoming workshop with Fiona Brewer
Harness your full Energy with Yoga
Sunday 27th April 1-3pm
This time of year is associated with renewal, reflection and new birth. We will practice to enhance energy flow in the Mhuladhara or base chakra, which is associated with feeling grounded, connected and safe. When we are balanced in this way we can create or “birth” what we wish into our lives from a clear and confidant foundation. This practice will help to boost adrenal glands and immune system.

A 2 hour Yoga practice can be a great introduction if you are a beginner OR a chance to deepen the practice if you already attend classes.

For more information/to book your place contact Fiona on 087 9690936 or go to www.naturopathyclinic.ie
Places limited, so please get in touch to book
YogaEd - Embody, Empower, Educate - Summer 2014 Teacher Training July 10 - July 13

Professional Institute 1
Foundations: Teaching Children's Yoga
Focus: Ages 3 - 12

Yoga Ed. Professional Institute 1 equips you with the basic principles and yoga tools needed to effectively teach children in an academic environment.  You will learn yoga techniques to promote children’s physical, mental, and emotional health. Emphasis is placed on learning how to read and relate to children, through understanding child development, anatomy, physiology, and learning domains. From this transformational training, you will emerge with the ability to effectively tailor yoga classes to meet children’s varying needs.

Led by Marta Pasieczny - contact Marta on 085 734 1790 or visit YogaEd.com for details and registration